Defect Analysis and Remedial Specifications

The most common issues attributable to roof coverings on large scale commercial assets are rainwater ingress and weather-induced degradation.

Left un-addressed, issues of moisture ingress can result in loss of revenue, Landlord/Tenant claims and general business disruption.

In many cases, the issue of rainwater ingress is particularly difficult to diagnose in the sense that the symptoms are evident, yet the cause may not readily be. Instructing a Surveyor to attend site would typically involve the procurement of a MEWP, or cherry picker and in some cases require road closures and/or permits.

The resultant report is very often vague and full of caveats, providing very little insight into the actual causation: in many cases we see that a full re-roof has been advised when in reality, localised repairs are all that are required.

Our drone operators offer thermal imagery services utilising the latest thermal cameras to specifically identify areas of rainwater ingress and further isolate areas of particular concern.

Again, our in-house Consultants can utilise this data to provide a robust defect analysis report and outline remedial strategies sympathetic to budget.

If you feel that you could benefit from our Defect Analysis and Remedial Specification service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts today.