Domestic and Commercial Roof Surveys

My Drone Survey offers the highest standard roof condition surveys utilising the latest in drone technology and recording techniques.

In an industry where attention for detail is paramount, it is no longer acceptable to caveat a report to simply state that access to the roof was limited by way of height, lack of stair access or man safe systems etc. Our drone surveys are now the most accurate, and most efficient way of assessing the condition of roof structures and finishes whilst providing an unrivalled level of detail.

All of our drone surveys provide an extremely high degree of accuracy, allowing for our team to take high-definition pictures of all hard to reach locations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In light of Health and Safety Legislation allied with Construction Design Management Regulations, it can very often be the case that access to a roof is simply not permitted by both the asset owner and the insuring organisation. We have found that this is often the case when working on heritage assets such as stately homes, listed buildings and asbestos cement roofs.

Our drones provide the perfect solution and enable all key stake holders to obtain their desired performance indicators in a safe and well managed environment without the risk of injury or down time.

Following our assessment, clients are provided with a robust and detailed Condition Report complete with a RAG Rating system enabling easy identification of high-risk areas and short term repair liabilities.

Our in-house Consultants are then able to structure a robust remedial strategy complete with budget costs and indicative project programme providing further clarity on potential capital and operational expenditure over an agreed time horizon.

If you feel that you could benefit from our Roof Surveying Services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts today.