Our Services

Domestic and Commercial Roof Surveys

My Drone Survey offers the highest standard roof condition surveys utilising the latest in drone technology and bespoke camera settings. In an industry where attention for detail is paramount, it is no longer acceptable to caveat a report to simply state

Building Surveys

My Drone Survey specialise in providing Building Surveying Services to both Commercial and Domestic Clients. Utilising the latest UAV technology allied with bespoke camera settings, we are able to cover otherwise in-accessible areas of your asset portfolio

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography can create some truly stunning photos. These are the perfect way to advertise your business or property, and make you stand out from the crowd. In an industry where attention for detail is paramount,

Thermal Roof Inspection

Infrared inspections are non-destructive, highly efficient and provide a visual qualification of damaged areas of a flat roof. Infrared thermography is the only diagnostic technology that lets you instantly visualize and verify thermal performance.

High Zoom Aerial Inspection

Our high zoom aerial inspections utilise cutting-edge drone technology to provide detailed inspection data where it is too dangerous or impractical to get close to structures that need inspecting, either by personnel, or traditional drone photography.

Defect Analysis and Remedial Specifications

The most common issues attributable to roof coverings on large scale commercial assets are rainwater ingress and weather-induced degradation. Left un-addressed, issues of moisture ingress can result in loss of revenue, Landlord/Tenant claims and general business disruption.

Contract Administration and Project Management

At My Drone Survey we pride ourselves on offering a turn-key solution for all of our clients. In essence, we see no real benefit in providing a defect analysis report, building survey and/or a PPM Schedule without any tangible benefit to the end-user.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules

The biggest challenge for any Facilities Manager is obtaining a holistic understanding of what their assets comprise of and the condition thereof. Without this, the procurement of a proper and meaningful maintenance regime is simply impossible to achieve.